At Beverley Hui Architect we work on a rate per square meter, for both the drawing phase and the site work. This eliminates any conflict of interest in ensuring that the client recieves the best price possible for the tender process. It also provides greater certainty regarding the architect's fees at the outset of the project.

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Municipal Approved Floor Plans:  R520/mē

We submit house plans as per municipality requirements. Note that the price is only applicable to new buildings over 350mē. We unfortunately do not draw plans for renovations and additions, or new buildings smaller than 350mē. Such buildings shall be charged as for new buildings of 350mē  

Plans include:

All plans, sections & elevations annotated as per national building regulations.
3 details for example pool and boundary wall.
Storm-water and sewer drainage floor plans.
Energy calculations for XA regulations.
Door and Window schedules.
Specification document.

Optional Extra:

R18 000 Computer 3D model - two exterior views. Visualise the house plan in a photo-realistic 3D image.

Site services:  R520/mē

This included a dedicated site administrator who shall manage the tender and contractual process and attend site fortnightly meetings. It also includes an electrical & lighting layout, revision drawings, detail drawings and comments on shop-drawings. Plus: budgetary allowances for floor and wall finishes and special items. 

Fees as Percentage of Building Cost

Luxury homes around Cape Town area currently cost approximately R12 000/mē  to R20 000/mē to build. Working conservatively on R12 500mē the architectural fee of R520/mē + R520/mē = R1040/mē equates to 8 % of the building cost. After contacting other professional architects, you will find that this is bellow the market related price for professional architects, and the recommendation from the South African Council for the Architectural Profession. The fee as a rate per mē enables the client to plan effictively, since the final cost of the building is unknown at the time of planning.  

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